CrossFit Fortius Reviews

Our staff has nearly 70 years combined coaching experience ranging from coaching Elite Athletes to Special Olympians to the General Public. All in an effort to make healthier, stronger, and happier people!

While this experience is primarily in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting (Note that over 70% of CrossFit workouts contain an Olympic lifting movement), it includes creating stronger, faster, and better athletes for over several different sports including Track and Field, Skiing, Soccer, and CrossFit.

Here is what people have had to say about the instruction, coaching, and teaching they have received from our CrossFit coaches over the years:

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  • “This is an amazing Crossfit gym. I've been a member of about three other crossfit/crossfit type gyms and non even compare to Fortius. This is the only one I have ever felt was worth the money. They no what they're doing you're going to get agreat workout without getting injured and you're going to have fun doing it. The atmosphere is really great too. There's all different levels and athletes. Some people are here to get in shape, some are here to compete in Crossfit games, Olympic lifting, power lifting comps. And some of us have other sports on the side baseball, jiujitsu, basketball, triathletes, etc. I've been at this gym for a little more than a year and although I take time off now and again I couldn't imagine going to another gym. The owners are professionals and they are wanted all around the country and the world for Lifting clinics. My favorite thing about the gym is your goals are your goals you don't feel pressured you feel supported. Your going to get the training and coaching you need. This is a gym that is worth every penny. Healthy, injury free and happy 🙂 I also love that they have an annual coaching survey filled out by the patrons. That's why they have he best coaches and the best gym :)”

    Marissa M. San Diego
  • “I dropped in twice at Fortius. It has an excellent facility, trained staff and even the owner made me feel welcomed. For crossfit, planned out strength session then the WOD was great. Plenty of convenient class times available. WODs have 4 levels to challenge yourself and even hit level 4 for above Rx.”

    Tommy H. Paso Robles, CA
  • “Fortius is an awesome community. The knowledge and expertise is as good as it gets! I'm a big fan of the crossfit classes and the coaches that teach them are extremely knowledgeable. Great energy all around, too. Being new to this type of training I was a little intimidated, but every single person I have met there so far has been SO welcoming and helpful. I definitely make a new friend or two every time I walk in there! Love it!

    Janna B. San Diego, CA
  • “I came in for a workout on Saturday when I was visiting San Diego. What an awesome place! I can't thank Dave enough for the time he spent coaching me on my form. I will definitely be back when I'm in town and would highly recommend Fortius.”

    Teresa W. Seattle, WA
  • “I moved to San Diego in early January, and tagged along (read: was basically dragged in) with my boyfriend for my first ever crossfit class that same day. I had done strength training in a smaller group environment before, but had never considered myself strong enough to be a crossfit athlete. I was a bit nervous about the fact that it was a "jump right in" kind of mentality, and that I would be doing my super-beginner moves with people that were much more experienced than I. Those nerves quickly went away as I was welcomed in by the coach and the other members of the class, and got some great attention and pointers about how to complete the workout (which just so happened to be Fran..) Since that first day, I surprise myself by getting excited to look at the WODs and walk in to the gym looking forward to working out, seeing myself get stronger at every class. It's a great atmosphere, the coaches and staff are friendly and helpful, and there are new pieces of equipment/expansions popping up all the time. I'd highly recommend Fortius, whether you've been doing Crossfit for years, or whether you're a first-timer like me!”

    Lean W. Baltimore, MD
  • “I dropped in to Fortius while I was in San Diego for a business conference. As an ex-Crossfitter turned powerlifter, this was the perfect place for me as they have their own powerlifting program. I absolutely love that they have open gym all day - I felt very welcomed and at home within minutes of stepping inside. I was shown around and treated very kindly. As someone who has dropped in to a variety of different Crossfit gyms across the country, this was one of the better experiences I've had. Kudos to your coaches & members for being friendly & welcoming! Oh, and bonus points for having separate areas for weightlifting & powerlifting - and being super clean! You guys rock.”

    Maggie R. Arlington Heights, IL
  • “When I joined, I knew instantly I had wasted my time at my previous Crossfit gym. Dave and Jesse know what they're doing. Plain and simple. The knowledge and experience they have, you can't find in any other box in the area- even if you combine them all. Are you new to Olympic lifting? Guess what? You will be trained properly from the start- no bad habits to break. If you are a seasoned vet, you'll be enlightened by the feedback you'll get- next stop: PR City!! Not into throwing stuff over your head? Well, try the Powerlifting programming...I've seen PR's on all of my movements in a short amount of time. As for the Crossfit side: the programming is amazing. It almost feels tailored just for you. You can see there's a lot of thought going into these work outs. There's a reason behind the madness of #jessemalcombgenius… The people and community need their own review! The moment you step in, you know it's no longer just a gym, but your new home. Bring a change of clothes and a pillow- 'cause you will basically live there.”

    Ivette R. San Diego, CA
  • “I and a group of 4 others dropped in to Fortius while in San Diego for regionals on the recommendation of a few people. We showed up early to sign paperwork and acquaint ourselves with the space and people kept coming. I think the 9am class had 34 people. The wod had to be modified to accommodate that amount of people but I was EXTREMELY impressed in how the coaches handled everyone while giving instruction and keeping within the hour. The members were friendly, the coaches knowledgeable, the space cool and no-fuss. Will definitely drop in again when we are in town next! Thanks for the workout!!”

    Natalia K. Rohnert Park, CA
  • “Great environment, solid community. Been searching for s perfect box and found it here. Range of beginners, intermediate and Games athletes. Management does a great job!”

    Justin R. Alpine, CA
  • “I've been going to Fortius for 1 year now and am very happy at this gym. My husband also goes and has been a member over 2 years. We have increased our strength in every movement. We can almost do all movements in Crossfit now. We have made lots of friends and community at Fortius. We also really enjoy all the coaches. We love this place and highly recommend you try it out!”

    Deborah N. San Diego, CA